Streams Community Hub Summer Arts Camp

Looking for a local summer camp to enroll your children in?

Consider the Summer Arts Camp offered by Streams Community Hub.

Streams was founded in 2016 by a local couple, Andrew & Juli-Anne James who’ve been working with youth for the past 8 years. By establishing Streams they’ve artfully seamed together some of the things they are passionate about: helping others find their purpose and navigate life, building strong families, connecting the community and the arts. By no means is that the exhaustive list of things they’re passionate but just a few major ones that instantly came to mind as I sat to write this post. Anyhow, hopefully you’ve gotten the gist that Streams is positioned to be a “tributary” (pun intended) that will inspire and educate the Shelburne Community.

With all of that being said, I am happy to announce that I will be a facilitator this inaugural year for the Sing, Dance & Play camp! Woo-hoo!! This camp promises to be fun-u-cational. Throughout this week children aged 5-10 will get a foray into performing arts. We’ll do some acting, some dancing, some crafts, some singing and a whole lot of fun-ing. (yup I said fun-ing)

We hope that the kids will leave the camp with a little more confidence, a new friend or two, a memory they can fondly look back on years from now and an experience that they can draw from when they need a boost to make a presentation at school or follow through with a project. Make sure to Sign up today for any of the uber-cool camps being offered this summer.

No one to sign up, maybe you can support by sponsoring a child or by volunteering. Check out this video for more info on giving.

– Noni ♪

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