Where Ontario Gets Real

Headwaters Tourism is a fantastic organization that is diligently working to raise the profile of the “Headwaters Region”. If you live in the Headwaters region you’ll know the beautiful area I’m speaking of. If you’re not familiar with the region, Headwaters consists of a grouping of towns located North of the GTA including: Caledon, Mono, Grand Valley and Shelburne (to list a few). Headwaters Tourism has won awards for their glossy campaigns promoting the area and inviting tourists to visit the places “where Ontario gets real”.

This year I had the tremendous honour to be included in the Headwaters Tourism “2017 Real Headwaters Campaign” launch event at the gorgeous Caledon Ski Club this May. I sang/lead the group of guests in a group rendition of our National Anthem to close out the ceremonies. It was so much fun, I mean I even got the group to do a key change with me mid-song, a cappella!

Photo Credit: James MacDonald

Now, even more exciting than the above mentioned is this ———————————>

I’m featured as one of the “Real Faces” of Headwaters for this 2017 campaign!!! I can now be considered as an alum of Real Headwaters ambassadors! *woot woooooot *

This has been an amazing opportunity, I’ve met some super dope people and I look forward to representing the region that has welcomed and embraced me and one that I’ve grown so fond of. This truly is where Ontario gets Real.

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See my Real Faces profile here

– Noni ♪

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