Shelburne, a town on the grow…

Shelburne, Ontario a sweet little town about an hour North of T.O. that folks headed to and from their cottages and other destinations would once simply pass through. I remember many moons ago going to summer camps in Collingwood and Owen Sound. I’m sure my family drove through this small town many times without really making an opportunity to take in its charm. After all, the slogan is: “A People Place, A Change of Pace”

Well as of 2016 census numbers, Shelburne is now the SECOND fastest growing town in Canada. CANADA. Whenever I think of our 39% rate of growth I hear the voice of the Narrator in this Simpsons clip in my head saying, “Shelburne a town on the grow“.

Who remembers this Simpsons throwback?

I boldly admit that I share a stake in that 39% boom as I relocated to Shelburne with my Hubs about 2 years ago. And I have no regrets. Raised in the GTA I’m used to busy streets, constant activity, and starless skies. But out here is a welcome change.

As for the arts, there’s definitely something going on up here in Shelburne the Surrounding areas. I’ve found that there are many artists in all disciplines making some stunningly beautiful creative offerings to the region and world. Tucked away and as I recently heard someone say “hidden in the hills” there are epic legends to aspiring ingenues to amateur hobbyists (and all the rest in-between). The adventure is in meeting them, finding them and getting a moment in to share in their creative space. Shelburne is an inspiring town with aspirations to once again be a performing arts staple. I’ve rolled up my sleeves and I’m here to do the work!

I recently got a sweet little mention and photo in a Globe & Mail article talking about Shelburne’s growth.

Check the article by Marcus Gee here —> “Spillover: when the city comes to the country”

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